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Circuit Breaker

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If your circuit breaker is finicky and is flipping the switch regularly, contact us for our full range of electrical services to troubleshoot and get your problem resolved quickly. One phone call to us and we will quickly get you on the schedule to get your home or office working effortlessly. Touchy breakers can cause great annoyance and could be the reaction of a larger problem at large. Don’t wait – rest easy by calling our electrician today!

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Circuit Breaker Repair

We know how frustrating it can be when a circuit breaker trips. The first question that comes to mind for most people is “why?” Simply stated, we all expect our electrical equipment to work right all the time. This is not an unrealistic expectation. If your circuit breakers are designed right and were installed properly, you should not have any problems. Of course, “designed right” means different things to different people. When you hire us for the work, you can be sure that you will get the highest quality workmanship possible. After more than two decades as a master electrician, we know how to make sure that your circuit will handle anything you can throw at it. If you need your circuit breaker fixed, contact us right away.

Whether your problem is a short circuit, overloaded circuit, or a ground fault, we will find it and fix it. A short happens when one hot wire touches another hot wire. This can be caused by a number of things. The most common is a break a wire circuit, and we can easily find that and take care of it. A common indication of this problem is discoloration on wires. If you find cracks on the outside of wires, it could be a sign of problems. We can find and identify any circuit breaker problems no matter where they are.

circuit-breaker-replacement-palm-harborAnother problem that can occur with a circuit breaker is when you increase the load on the circuit. It is very possible that your breaker was able to handle everything it was originally designed for. However, over time, you may have added an appliance or two. Microwaves, for example, draw an enormous amount of power. Then, you added a better dish washer. Then, you added a new coffee machine. Then, the old refrigerator gets traded in for the newer and better version. Over time, the power use in the kitchen has overwhelmed the circuit that was just fine ten years ago. This same thing can happen in any room of the house. Your entertainment system with six speakers, a sub-woofer, and a flat screen TV draw far more power than one old TV. Let us help you as your power needs grow. We can take a look at the power flowing through the circuit breaker to make sure it is optimal. Call us today to make sure your breaker is strong enough.

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We can handle your circuit breaker in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Pinellas Park and nearby cities.